Extruding polymer melt pump

The unique volume design of the batte melt Pumps series pumps enables them to carry the polymer accurately and accurately, and is not affected by changes in pressure, temperature, and viscosity. The ZB series pumps provide pressure between the extruder and the die, and can match the parameters of the extruder, providing a uniform melt in the case of increased output and strict tolerance.

Today, the ZB series melt pump of batte melt Pumps has become a widely used component in polymer production in the plastic industry. Zbatte melt Pumps products can be found in any place where accurate, pulsating and repeatable fluids are needed.

In the production of plastic industry for many years, many of the production equipment of polymer have been used to solve all kinds of key problems by means of gear pump assisted extrusion. The batte melt Pumps gear pump is combined with the extruder to optimize the whole extrusion process.

The extruder melts the polymer pump and makes it uniform. The batte melt Pumps provides the required pressure to reduce the extruder's work, thus reducing the shear heat and the required torque and eliminating the fluctuations, all of which have optimized the extruder's performance.

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