Influence of melt temperature on driving of melt metering pump

In the production process, due to the needs of technology, the melt temperature entering the spinning box will be adjusted in a certain range, the melt viscosity will increase when the temperature is reduced, the driving power of the tunneling metering pump will increase, the corresponding torque will also increase, the driving power of the viscosity will decrease when the temperature is raised, and the corresponding torque will also decrease. Normally, when the melt temperature is adjusted in the range of 1-5 degrees Celsius, the driving torque of the metering pump will change by 10-50 N.m. On the other hand, if the melt temperature is lowered, the melt viscosity will rise, and when the amplitude is large, the amount of melt leaking into the coupling of metering pump will decrease and the lubrication condition will become worse, then the driving power and torque will increase. If the situation is serious, the lubrication clearance of the coupling of the metering pump should be adjusted in time to avoid the occurrence of a large increase in power and torque or the occurrence of a stuck coupling.

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