Material Solution for Plasticizing Melt Pump

  Material without plasticization

  1. Appropriately reduce the feed volume of melt pump or screw speed.

  2. Raise the temperature of the front section to speed up the plasticization of the material in the barrel. For example, the conventional adjustment before and after the glass fiber mouth of the reinforcing material: properly raise the temperature of the conveying and melting zone by 5-10 C, and properly lower the temperature of the heating zone behind the glass fiber mouth by 10-20 C.

  3. Adjust the screw assembly of the melt pump in front, so as to speed up the plasticization of the material in the barrel.

  Plasticized materials

  1. Melt pump feeding is too large; reduce feeding frequency.

  2. Melt pump vacuum cover opening.

  3. Blockage phenomena such as carbonization and filling appeared in the mesh plate of the machine head; cleaning the machine head.

  4. The screw arrangement is wrong (for example, the position of the reverse thread block is too close to the position of the exhaust port, and the distance between the threads is usually needed).

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