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The outlet pressure of the double-wall corrugated pipe production line is affected by various factors, which will affect the dimensional accuracy of the product. Increase output, reduce energy consumption, achieve low temperature extrusion, and extend machine life. Since the polymer melt pump is installed in the double wall bellows production line, its decompression function is transferred to the melt gear pump. The double wall corrugated pipe production line is able to work at low pressure and low temperature. The leakage flow is greatly reduced and the output is increased. Compared with PP, PE, PA, PVC corrugated pipe production lines, the gear melt pump is simpler to set the head pressure, which can reduce the back pressure of the production line, reduce the axial force of the screw, and prolong the service life.

pp pe corrugated melt pump

The corrugated pipe production line realizes stable extrusion, improves the dimensional accuracy of extruded products, and reduces the scrap rate. During the extrusion process, material inhomogeneity, temperature fluctuations of cylinder block and cylinder head, and pulsation of screw speed are unavoidable. The use of the body fusion gear pump can eliminate the feeding error of the feeding system, greatly reduce the fluctuation of the upstream transmission, quickly stabilize the working state, improve the dimensional accuracy of the extruded products, and reduce the scrap rate.

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Plastic melt pump is suitable for extrusion and transportation of polymer melt from low viscosity to very high viscosity; it is generally installed between the extruder outlet and the die head as a melt metering pump; it can also be installed in polymer melt In the body pipeline, it is used as a booster pump. It is recommended to use a universal coupling to connect the reducer and the melt metering pump to eliminate the influence of thermal deformation; the plastic melt metering pump is a positive displacement pump, and the output flow of the pump can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump. It is recommended to use The frequency conversion speed regulation mode can realize the near-linear flow output of the gear pump.

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