Method of Dismantling Standard Melt Pump

1. After the disintegration of the melt pump, the gear and sealing components should be lightly placed on a clean table, and the components should be cleaned with compressed air or clean cotton cloth. The wear, cracks, burrs and scratches of the parts were carefully checked. The attachments on the surface can be lightly polished with 600 # sandpaper. When polishing, special care should be taken to measure gears, mid-plate and D-type bearings. Never remove their metals or grind them. Otherwise, it will affect its measurement function.

2. In the process of heating, the residual material is dissolved and discharged. The bolts of the sealing cover and front and rear cover plates are screwed out in turn. Removal of all parts to bear in mind the direction of location, installation all in place. When removing the gear, because of the residual solid material adherence, do not damage the edges of the teeth and bearings by hard knocking, but should be gently tapped with plastic or soft copper hammer to remove it.

3. Carefully remove the melt pump from the equipment and place it in the vacuum heating furnace to raise the temperature slowly for two hours to 400-450 degrees. Temperature should not be overheated or it will easily lead to the decrease of hardness of pump body material, which will affect the stability of pump body size.

4. After polishing the parts, clean them with trichloroethane or vinyl chloride and wipe them clean with cotton cloth. Do not use paper towels, because there may be paper scraps or impurities sticking to the parts. After cleaning, they can be installed.

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