Careful analysis using extruder

  Extrusion line of various types of products, will have its operating characteristics, to a detailed understanding of its operating characteristics have, can give full play to the efficiency of the machine. Extrusion machine is one of the types, good grasp of the extruder key operation, the use of the correct reasonable extruder is very necessary.

  The use of extrusion machine what are the points for attention?

  1, extruder forward operation, avoid reversals.

  2, avoid fasting operation, must be heat charging operation, it can avoid the occurrence of stick bar (axle) phenomenon.

  Enter the iron impurity is strictly prohibited feeding extruder 3, mouth, vent hole, so as not to cause the accident, affecting production.

  4, electricity safety, grounding wire.

  5, when the machine is running inlet, outlet, belt, gear and other rotating parts do not touch.

  6, the machine should be injected into the lubricating oil before use, so as not to cause damage to the machine.

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