Share melt pump knowledge

  Share melt pump knowledge

  Melt pump shaft is provided with a stuffing box at the front end, more reliable sealing performance, are placed in a bearing in a mechanical seal device, and thus can not be thrown a lot of leak, and a small amount of the leak can be discharged through the nozzle leaked admission .

  At the beginning of a few leaked early work it is normal after running-time via the sealing surface of the leak must be cut or repose. Transport medium heat pump cover and bearing passed on by the heat pump cover and bearing pedestal table, so When the bearing temperature adapted to the temperature of the shaft sealing performance. Therefore the selection of the location of the pump means, to make the pump cover and bearing to facilitate the dispersion of heat, not thrown any regenerative appearance.

  Bearing is provided with two ball bearings, pump impeller side by a ball bearing with the smooth delivery of the HTF, by coupling the side of a ball bearing grease with high temperature smooth Smooth: Each ball bearing 300 hours of work After, it is necessary to remove diesel clean, view the contact surface is not damaged, if damaged, must get a new bearing. When the ball bearings by means of the impeller side of the dust cover to the side facing the impeller means, before starting the HTF write smooth. by coupling side of ball bearings, high temperature smooth composite calcium-based grease (ZFG-4), when the bearing device again, the same dust cover to the side facing the impeller side of the device, apparatus Filling smooth fat (about 1/2 ball bearing and housing space.) In the bearing for 48 hours, use a grease gun write smooth smooth grease to the bearing cover supplementary pressure oiling pregnant. allowed to enter with a valve on the tube conditioning flow, prevent corrosion produced indignation pump should not be less than 30% of the planned series of work flow, assume it is necessary to work under the premise, it should be installed at the outlet of the bypass pipe and the flow rate reaches the minimum value or more.

  Often view the status bolt loose, the pump casing temperature and the temperature is not common, the oscillation condition outlet pressure gauge volatility situation and pumps. Carefully pump without noise, such as found in the guide often situation promptly. Cut off power supply . The pump liquid emptying, cleaning and should be scheduled to prevent rotation of the impeller shaft deformation 180 ℃, until the pump to cool completely so far.

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