Advantages melt pump mechanical seal

  Advantages melt pump mechanical seal

  Mechanical seals, also known as seal Mechanical seal ,, is a rotary shaft dynamic seal. Mechanical seals function reliable, small amount leaked, use long life, low power consumption. Often without repair, and it can be adapted to the production process automation and high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high speed and a variety of corrosive media. Hungry seal harsh conditions demand solid particles containing media, such as mechanical seal is by one or more pairs of straight-run movement of the shaft relative to the end face of the fluid under pressure and satisfaction tissue elasticity or magnetic effects persist then merged with assistant seal means blocking tight seal and reachable. Thus, the mechanical seal is also used in the melt pump sideways. The melt pump mechanical seal requirements, mechanical seal soft packing contrast as follows:

  The melt pump seal advantages:

  1, sealing reliable, long-term operation in sealed condition is very stable, very small leak, the leak of about 1% of the soft packing seal:

  2, the use of long-life, in oil, an aqueous medium is usually up to 1 to 2 years or more jobs in the chemical medium is usually more than six months:

  3, wipe the power consumption is small, its conflicts power is only soft packing seal 10% to 50%

  4, the shaft or sleeve is not substantially wear:

  5, long repair cycles wear face automatic compensation, without often Repairs usually:

  6, resistance to shock, to skew of the rotary shaft seal chamber and shaft vibration insensitive:

  7, for a wide range of mechanical seal can be used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, not the same rotational frequency, and a variety of corrosive media and seal containing abrasive media.

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