Operation points of pneumatic diaphragm melt pump

The pneumatic diaphragm melt pump is a volume pump driven by compressed air, which causes volume changes through reciprocating deformation of the diaphragm. Its working principle is similar to that of a plunger melt pump.

We should pay attention to the following points when using pneumatic diaphragm melt pump to operate.

1, ensure that the maximum particles contained in the fluid do not exceed the maximum safety of the pump through the particle diameter standard.

2, the intake pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable pressure of the pump, and the compressed air above the rated pressure may cause physical injury and property loss and damage the performance of the pump.

3, to ensure that the pressure of the pipeline system can withstand the highest output pressure, to ensure that the driving gas path system clean and normal working conditions.

4. The electrostatic spark may cause an explosion to cause personal casualties and loss of property. The grounding screws on the pump are properly and reliably grounded according to the need to use a large enough section of the wire.

5, grounding requirements comply with local regulations, legal requirements and some special requirements of the site.

6. Tighten the pump and connecting pipe joints to prevent static sparks due to vibration impact. Use antistatic hose.

7, periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding system, and require the earth resistance less than 100 ohms.

8, maintain good exhaust and ventilation, away from flammable, explosive and heat sources.

9, pump exhaust may contain solids, do not exhaust the outlet to the working area or people, so as not to create adult bodily harm.

10. When the diaphragm fails, the conveyed material will be ejected from the exhaust muffler.

11. When conveying flammable and poisonous fluid, please connect the outlet to a safe place away from the working area.

12, please connect the exhaust port and muffler with at least 3/8 "inner smooth wall pipe".

13, the high pressure of the fluid may cause serious personal injury and loss of property. Please do not carry out any maintenance work on the pump and the material pipe system when the pump is pressurized. If you want to do maintenance, cut off the intake of the pump first, open the pressure unloading mechanism of the bypass to make the piping system unload and slowly disconnect the connecting pipe joints.

14, such as the transport of harmful toxic fluid pump, please do not send the pump directly to the manufacturer to repair. Properly handled according to local laws and regulations, and use pure fittings of Shanghai Wanquan pump company to ensure service life.

15, the liquid transport part of the use of aluminum alloy material pumps, please do not use the liquid containing Fe3+ and halogenated hydrocarbons and other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, will produce corrosion caused by the pump burst.

16, ensure that all parts contacting with conveying body will not be corroded by the fluid transported.

17, ensure that all operators are familiar with the operation and use of the pump safety precautions, if necessary, rationing necessary protective equipment.

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