The application of rubber filter for gear pump

Due to its high pressure accumulative performance and reliability, the production time of screen replacement time caused by high pressure aggregation, sieve net pollution and increasing pressure is maximized. The pressure required in the extrusion process is essentially determined by the geometry of the downstream extrusion head and the die. The mesh filter is used to filter the rubber compound input at the extrusion head. Impurities may be produced by non dispersed fillers or chemicals.

The increasing filter pollution leads to a continuous increase in the output pressure of the melt gear pump. Therefore, it is necessary to change the filter in time before reaching the maximum allowable pump pressure difference.

From a processing point of view, it is our main goal to control the output pressure of the melt gear pump as low as possible, which will lead to an increase in output and an increase in the efficiency of the extrusion system. In the application of filter, in addition to filter contamination, mixing viscosity, sieve size and usable filter area are the decisive factors of melt gear pump output pressure. The machines and equipment suppliers can not meet the requirements of the size of the screen changer or the viscosity of the rubber, but can be designed to meet the requirements by the design of the available filter area.

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