Melt pump / hot-melt adhesive pump

hot-melt adhesive pump Application scope

(1) used in the polymerization process to transport high viscosity melts.

(2) used in melt spinning as a booster pump.

(3) applied to extruder or injection molding machine to improve extrusion efficiency and reduce load of extruder.

(4) applied to transfer resin and melted resin to make the melt uniform and press the mold head.

hot-melt adhesive pump Use and characteristics

It is suitable for conveying liquids with high viscosity and no particle shape impurities. It has the characteristics of high output pressure, high viscosity of conveying medium, high use temperature, vacuum inlet, adjustable speed and wide flow range. The material of the pump is temperature resistant, wear resistant and corrosion resistant. It has sufficient strength and dimensional stability.

hot-melt adhesive pump Working principle

It belongs to the positive displacement pump. When working, it depends on the mutual engagement between the main and driven gears to cause the change of working volume to transport the melt. The working volume is composed of a pump body, a cogging groove of the gear and a bearing sleeve with a side plate function. When the gear rotates, the melt enters the slot of the two gear of the suction cavity. With the rotation, the melt is brought into the discharge cavity from both sides, and the gear is meshed again, so that the melt in the alveolus is extruded out of the cavity and pressed to the outlet pipe. Bearings can not use ordinary lubricating grease to avoid contamination of melts, usually by melt self lubrication.

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