Causes of Passive Gear Cracking in spinning melt pump

  Passive gear cracking will occur during the long-term use of the spinning melt pump. The gear face of the spinning melt pump has obvious grinding burns, and the edge of the tooth top has obvious white layer. This situation shows that the grinding temperature has exceeded the phase transformation temperature, the surface metal has been austenitized again, and then cooled to quenched martensite, so that the surface layer produces additional structural stress, and the heat generated by grinding causes the surface of the parts to heat up very quickly and produce attachment.

Adding thermal stress, the superposition of structural stress and thermal stress may lead to grinding cracks on the grinding surface. When the passive gears are loaded and tested, the dynamic loads generated make the White-Bright layer of the end gear crack and expand, or make the grinding cracks generated by the end gear extend further until they break.

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