What safety measures do melt pumps have?

1. Improving the Reliability of Melt Pressure Detection by Redundancy Method

Because of the high power of melt pump, the high temperature and pressure of polyvinyl acetate melt conveyed, the measurement of outlet pressure of melt gear pump is required to be reliable and accurate, and safety accidents due to the failure of pressure gauge are not allowed. Using redundancy method, two pressure transmitters are installed at the outlet of the pump to measure the pressure at the same time, and then one with higher pressure is selected by the selection module to calculate the deviation value, so as to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the pressure side, reduce the chance of failure and improve the reliability of the system.

2. Safety interlock protection before starting of melt pump

Before starting the melt pump, it is necessary to ensure the smooth exit of the pump, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. Measuring and judging the switching status of each valve, the signal processed by logic is connected into the starting control loop of the frequency converter to decide whether to allow the starting of the frequency converter, so as to ensure that at least one pipeline is open at the outlet of the pump, and then the starting of the melt gear pump is allowed.

3. Interlocking Protection of Melt Pump in Operation

The melt pump operates automatically, but in abnormal circumstances, when the pressure is too high and exceeds the warning value, the melt pump should be stopped immediately to ensure the safety of the system. When the melt pump is running, check the outlet pressure of the side pump, and compare with the warning value, once exceeding the general warning value, stop signal will be generated, which will be directly connected to the sudden stop circuit of the frequency converter, so that the melt pump will stop immediately and play a protective role.

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