Reasons for Fracture of Pump Shaft of Single Screw Special Melt Pump

  Domestic large-scale melt pump manufacturers, with decades of equipment development and production experience and experience of non-rich after-sales support service team, provide timely solutions for users. Aiming at the cause of shaft fracture of single screw special melt pump in daily use, Zhengzhou Bate melt pump manufacturer gives the following answers.

  When a single screw special melt pump conveys corrosive melt, the fracture of the pump shaft is mainly caused by the following two reasons:

  1. The main shaft fracture is the corrosion fatigue fracture originated from the corrosion pit on the outer surface. The main extraction fracture leads to the unbalance of the structure, which results in the instantaneous fracture of the spiral sleeve.

  2. Corrosive medium (hydrogen sulfide) and long-term torsional motion are the main causes of fracture of pump shaft of melt pump.

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