Performance Advantage of Melt Pump for Casting Film

  What are the performance advantages of the special melt pump for casting film provided by Zhengzhou Bart when applied to the production line of casting film? Zhengzhou Bate Melt Pump Manufacturer is a high-tech enterprise specializing in melt delivery solutions, providing all-round melt delivery solutions for users in the plastic industry.

  The performance advantages of special melt pump for casting film are as follows: stably conveying melt, eliminating the fluctuation of material flow in extruder and ensuring the uniformity of product thickness; the melt pump for casting film can carry partial pressure of mesh changer and die to increase the output of extruder; the melt pump for casting film can increase the plasticization and mixing of melt and improve the separation of melt. Membrane quality; its bearings and gears are made of special materials and wear-resistant coatings, thus prolonging their service life.

  What are the requirements for the performance of melt pump in tape casting film production: the fluctuation of melt flow should be small; there is no stagnation zone, no dead angle, no superheat degradation phenomenon; the melt pump must have good sealing and no leakage; the melt pump should have stable performance and reliable operation.

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