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Preparing the melt pump

  Preparing the melt pump

  1. Check the mechanical seal type. Size is not fit demand planning drawings, so parts especially the sealing surface, assisted seals, with or without damage. Deformation cracks and other phenomena, if shortcomings, it is necessary to replace or repair

  2. Check the mechanical seal cooperation standard of the parts, roughness, parallelism is not fit program needs

  3, using small spring mechanical seals, they should view the small spring is not the same length and rigidity

  4. Check the host runout and wobble amount is not fit around the degree of skill requirements, the sealed chamber is not fit means standard, cover and shaft seal is not straight, usually demand: a shaft runout of not more than ± 0.5mm: axle swing rotating ring seals at the amount of not more than 0.06mm: maximum around the axis of not more than 0.05mm: cover and gasket seal does not touch the flat faces of the center line of a straight answer difference 0.03 ~ 0.05mm

  5, should insist on clean, especially the rotating ring and the stationary ring sealing surface and an outer ring assistant should be no impurities dust. Do not agree with not cleaning not loosen the sealing surface.

  6, do not agree with something struck sealing element. To avoid the seal is damaged.

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