What are the structural optimizations of high temperature melt pump gears?

High temperature melt pump is a positive displacement forced delivery pump. The pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump. Frequency conversion speed regulation is recommended to achieve near-linear flow output of the gear pump. The realization of melt pressure stabilization and accurate transportation is closely related to gears.

For gears of high-temperature melt pump, Zhengzhou Bart has made the following optimization measures. 1. the optimized melt flow channel design, eliminate the dead Angle in the flow channel, reduce the polymer residue to a lower, improve the quality of products; 2. high temperature melt pump improved gear parameter design, more accurate displacement design, so that the output pressure is more stable, suitable for precise extrusion conditions; 3,.the applicable viscosity range is very wide, using different sealing methods, and it can be applied to from low viscosity to very high viscosity conditions; 4. high temperature melt gear pump can be installed in a variety of ways to meet the personalized needs of users; 5. high precision manufacturing and excellent heat treatment, more precise, more durable.
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