The melt pump manufacturer explains the principle of packing seal

Among the sealing forms of melt pumps, the combination of packing seal and mechanical seal is a commonly used form. Compared with spiral seal, it has simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and can comprehensively play the advantages of packing seal and mechanical seal. Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer elaborated on the principle of packing seal in detail.

Packing seal is a commonly used form of shaft seal, but the selection of packing, sealing performance and structural design directly affect the effectiveness of the seal. The essence of the packing seal is to use the soft characteristics of the packing. Under the action of the axial compression force, it radially obstructs the passage of possible melt leakage. The force applied to the packing seal must cause contact stress between the packing and the seal shaft surface. It can block the pressure of the sealed melt.

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The packing must have the following conditions: 1. It has a certain degree of plasticity, and can produce a certain radial force under the action of compaction and tightly contact with the shaft. 2. It has sufficient chemical stability, does not pollute the medium, the filler should not be swelled by the medium, the impregnant in the filler is not dissolved by the medium, and the filler itself does not corrode the sealing surface. 3. Good self-lubricating performance. Wear resistance, low friction coefficient. 4. If the shaft has a small amount of eccentricity, the packing should have sufficient floating elasticity. 5. Simple manufacturing and convenient filling.

The packing sealing device is usually composed of a stuffing box, soft packing and a packing gland. The soft packing is oil-impregnated or graphite-coated asbestos rope or high temperature resistant carbon fiber. Put it between the stuffing box and the pump shaft to press the gland tightly. Forcing it to deform to seal.

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