Structural performance of the special melt pump for rubber

In the rubber and plastics industry, melt gear pumps are widely used in the pressurization and metering of plastic and rubber melts. However, due to the easy decomposition of rubber and other reasons, the conventional melt pump can not meet its production needs due to the easy over-temperature. In addition, due to the pressure fluctuation of the upstream incoming material, which affects the size and quality of the rubber product, the sleeve of the gear shaft is usually opened with a spiral groove that rotates in the same direction as the gear. When the pressure is high, the material is discharged through the spiral groove to the outside. To achieve the purpose of stabilizing the pressure of the melt pump, but a large amount of materials flow out and cause waste.

rubber melt pump

The special rubber melt pump provided by Batte manufacturer is composed of a pump body, an end plate, a sealing sleeve, a heat preservation cavity of the pump body, a gear shaft, and a gear sleeve. Spiral groove, the gear shaft is a coolable gear shaft. The three-way spiral grooves from the pump cavity to the outside are: spiral grooves rotating with the gear shaft, spiral grooves perpendicular to the axis of the gear shaft, and spiral grooves counter-rotating with the gear shaft. These three spiral grooves are connected and open at both ends. Among the three-way spiral grooves, the spiral groove near the pump cavity that rotates with the gear shaft can discharge the material outwards, the spiral groove in the middle perpendicular to the axial direction of the gear shaft holds the material and acts as a seal, and the one near the outside rotates with the gear shaft in reverse The spiral groove can push the material back into the pump cavity to prevent a large amount of material from being discharged. The hollow gear shaft with cooling circulation holes passes through the circulation of the cooling medium, so that the gear shaft is not easy to overheat when the gear shaft is meshed, thereby avoiding the decomposition of the rubber.

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional manufacturer of high-temperature melt pumps, melt metering pumps, and extruder melt pumps. It provides a complete set of melt delivery, pressurization, and metering solutions for many domestic listed companies and thousands of users in the rubber and plastics industry.

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