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Batte melt pump company is a precision extrusion system solution provider, and is also a professional company which develops, produces and sells precision extrusion equipment of melt pump. The company developed the ZB series melt pump and melt pump control system through independent innovation. The innovative development of aumee's melt pump technology and experienced technical service team has provided a large number of users with precise extrusion solutions and fast technical support services.
melt pump

Product features of the melt pump of zhengzhou batte melt pump company

1. Small fluctuation of pressure and flow (outlet pressure: 0 ~ 276Bar)

2. Good suction performance (suction pressure: vacuum -0.08 MPa), the transmission medium viscosity range is large (1000-40,000,000 CPS)

3. The heat effect of the transmission pump of K series reactor is high, and the transmission pump is heated by electric heating rod or conductive oil

4. The melt pump can be used for packing seal, mechanical seal or both, which can effectively prevent leakage.

5. Pump body pump can be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel to deliver corrosive medium.

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