Daily maintenance strategy of screw extruder for melt gear pump

  In the plastic extrusion production line, melt gear pump, as the downstream equipment of screw extruder, mainly plays the role of stabilizing the output pressure, improving the product quality, increasing the extrusion output and reducing the unit energy consumption. For the daily maintenance of screw extruder, Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturer summarized the following aspects.
Gear Melt Pump

  1. The screw extruder is not allowed to run empty to prevent the screw and barrel from rolling. It is not allowed to exceed 100r / min when the main engine is at high speed; start the main engine at low speed first, check if there is any abnormal noise after starting the main engine, and then slowly increase the speed ratio of the main engine to a reasonable range. During the running in period of extruder, the current load should be 60-70%, and the current in all normal applications should be no more than 90%. Note: in case of any abnormal noise during the operation of the extruder, stop the extruder for inspection and maintenance.

  2. In order to avoid iron impurities entering into the barrel, the magnetic absorption component or magnetic frame can be installed at the place where raw materials enter into the barrel feeding outlet to avoid the wear of screw and barrel.

  3. In case of abnormal noise during the operation of screw extruder, stop the machine immediately for inspection or repair. A kind of

  4. Calibrate the temperature control instrument regularly to check its regulation correctness and control sensitivity. 5. When the screw extruder needs to be stopped for a long time, the working surfaces of the screw, the die and the die shall be coated with anti rust grease. The small screw shall be suspended in the air or placed in a special wooden box and leveled with wooden blocks to avoid screw deformation or bruise.

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