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Single-Screw Extruder “Standard Line” with Co-Extrusion

Single-Screw Extruder “Standard Line” with Co-Extrusion (in option) is a far more docile process in terms of preserve materials, in friction, speeds, local overheatings and downgrading it.
Single-Screw Extruder “Standard Line” with Co-Extrusion components:


Screws and barrels for the extruders are designed by us and produced by designated manufacturer. The suiting screw for the following case:
Universal screws
Barrier and Maillefer screws
Degassing screw
Grooved insert system
Mixing and shear tool
All screws and barrels are available nitrified or fully hardened.

Melt Filtration Unit

4.Melt pump / melt-gear pump

Sheet Die
The Sheet Die consists of a high-alloy, quenched and subsequently drawn tool steel. Th 2 halves which seal each other are centred with pins. The running surfaces are mirror finished.
The die can, with an appropriate adapter, be mounted on any extruder and is suitable for all thermoplastics currently in use.
The material entering through the adapter is spread along its entire width at an even pressure ratio. This hanger-shaped distribution system is determined and calculated based on our many years of experience.

What is the features of die:
Cloth hanger design
Restriction bar to provide coarse compensation of flow differences of the polymers
Flex-lip design, easy to adjust
Outside deckling system
Internal deckling system
Full auto-gauging possibility, retrofit able
Adjustable lower lip for thick-sheet applications
Refurbishing works of used dies

Single-Screw Extruder “Standard Line” with Co-Extrusion detailed information:
1) Meet highest performance at lowest costs:
Applicable material: A-PET, C-PET, PET-G, PP, PS, PLA
Available machine sizes: 700 to 2200 kg/h
PLC control system with visualization and touch screen
Fully automatic screen-changer with back-flush
Automatic gauging die with inner deckling
45°-calander with motorised roller-gap-adjustment
Automatic roller cleaning system
PE lamination systems for FFS market
Inline thickness measuring devices
Liquid coating system
Center cutter with circular knives for a 6-up production
Edge trim grinder
Spare parts packages
Modern telemetric data communication
Worldwide service
2) for different extruder types
3) Resins to be processed:
PS (in all categories) PLA ABS
EVOH etc.
4)Purpose and applications:
packaging industry
office supplies
car industry
electric/electronic industry
other technical applications
5) Properties:
food-packaging quality
perfectly thermoformable

In contraire to other systems we can guarantee to maintain dryness in a range of ~ 50 ppm which results in fairly moderate IV loss and keeps the value where it belongs to, inside the material. Sheets produced on our solution captivate with their clearness, ductility, transparency, stability and their further processing friendliness, even in a close loop rework production. Single-screw cannot only accept high valued and quality bottle flakes to just convert it “fir for purpose” no – moreover it can accept even high volumes of film/sheet and skeleton rework with almost negligible impact on I.V.

As a melt pump manufacturer, Batte can supply suitable melt pump for Single-Screw Extruder “Standard Line” with Co-Extrusion.
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