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Manual Screen Changers

As the worldwide leader in filtration equipment, Batte offers the EM and XM manual screen changers. The detailed info includes integrate the system, polymer rheology testing, superior service, features, and options.

manual screen changers

Manual Screen Changers advantages and applications:
Contamination of the melt steam by metal, wood, paper or internally generated black specks yields products that are unacceptable in appearance and/or performance. Manual screen changers are the least expensive and most suitable option for processes that require infrequent changes. Batte manual screen changers minimize costly downtime for screen replacement. With a simple swing of the handle lever during routine shutdown, clean screens are quickly brought on-line. No line disconnection occurs, and full production is re-established. As an option the EMP and XMP models add air assist to the shifting of the slide plate.

Manual Screen Changers Integrate the System:
Put an Batte melt pump after the screen changer and further increase the productivity of the extrusion line – all from one company.

Polymer Rheology Testing:
Batte has the ability to provide polymer viscosity and melt index analysis.

Superior Service:
Batte rebuilds, repairs, services and supplies parts for screen changers, melt pumps, screws, barrels, heat transfer rolls, pelletizers and cleaning ovens.

Manual Screen Changers Features:
3 position handle
10,000 PSI (690 BAR) maximum head pressure
3,000 PSI (207 BAR) maximum differential pressure
Pressure activated seal technology
Extruder screw pull through
Bolt-through extruder connection
Leak free processing
Batte provides full time, total support

Manual Screen Changers Options:
High temperature seal
Corrosion resistant flow bores
Twist lock co-extrusion breaker plates
Downstream reducer bushing
XP air assisted
Add a melt pump for complete system control

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