pumping pipeline melt pump

The pumping pipeline melt pump is a kind of melt pump produced by zhengzhou batte melt pump co., LTD., which can carry out work under high temperature and high pressure conditions, mainly used for transporting high-temperature polymer.

The structure of the  pumping pipeline melt pump is similar to the external meshing gear pumpin the hydraulic transmission, and the working principle is the same. High temperature melt pump is a high temperature polymer melt, which can work continuously under high temperature and high pressure. The material of pump is wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, high pressure and corrosion resistance. There is sufficient strength and dimension stability.

Characteristics of pumping pipeline melt pump structure:

1. Reduce energy consumption per unit. The data indicate that the combination of the same twin screw extruder and the melt pump, the mixing quality and the yield of the two screw granulation units are greatly improved. The energy consumption per kg of materials can be reduced by about a quarter.

2. Extend the whole life. It can greatly reduce the wear between the screw and the screw barrel, reduce the load of thrust bearing and prolong the life of the extruder. Extruder can also solve the problem of gas discharge in the production process.

3. Increase the extrusion yield. Reduces the pressure on the screw, from the original screw to build pressure die head, instead of the melt pump to build pressure die head, the screw can be high-speed and efficient, and can adjust extruder back pressure, reduce the melt in the screw tubes reside within time, stable plasticizing process, reduce the melting temperature, improve the yield and quality of products.

4. Stable output pressure. Can effectively reduce the material output instability and pressure pulsation caused by extruder parameters.

Improve product quality. Minimize the size tolerance of extruded products to minimize scrap and scrap rate. Ordinary extruder can also produce high-precision products.

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