Removal and cleaning of the melt pump

1, carefully will be removed from the melt pump equipment, slowly in the vacuum furnace heats up two hours until 400 ℃ to 450 ℃. The temperature should not be too hot or it will cause the hardness of the pump material to decrease, which will affect the stability of the pump body size.

2. During the heating process, the residual materials will be dissolved. Turn out the bolts of sealing gland and front and rear cover. All parts to be removed should be in the position direction, and the installation will be complete. When removing the gear of the melt pump, it will not damage the corner of the tooth and bearing by using the hard object. Instead, it should be gently tapped with plastic or soft copper hammer.

3. After the dissolution of the melt pump, the gear and sealing components taken out shall be placed on the clean surface, and the parts shall be cleaned with compressed air or clean cotton cloth. And carefully check the parts for wear, crack, burr and scratches. Available 600 ﹟ sandpaper gently attachments on the surface of the grinding, polishing especially need to be careful when measuring the gear, and the plate type D bearing, don't go to the metal or on the grinding. Otherwise, it will affect its metering function.

4, parts grinding is completed, use trichloroethane or vinyl chloride solvent cleaning, and then use cotton cloth to wipe clean, must not with a paper towel, because there may be a wastepaper glued on components or impurities, melt pump can install after cleaning.

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