Polyester Melt Gear Pumps Extend Service Life Measures

The polyester melt gear pump developed by Batte has a compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, small shearing effect on the melt, a stable flow at high viscosity and high pressure, and no outlet pressure fluctuation. Polyester melt gear pump in the application process, pay attention to the following items, can effectively extend the life of the equipment.

1, due to the pump body operating at high temperatures, so the cold state when installed on the piping should be hinged bearings, to prevent the pipe displacement after warming; 2, U-shaped coupling must be heated after the pump body heat to find, in order to avoid operation When due to thermal deformation caused by additional torque; 3, the pump outlet pressure measurement point should be set to stop and stop reporting Pu, otherwise, once the discharge pipe blocked. Can easily cause damage to the pump body; 4, the melt gear pump starts, no pressure at the outlet to form When not speeding up blindly to prevent premature shaft or bearing damage.

5. The temperature of the heat gear jacket of the melt gear pump body can be slightly lower than the temperature of the heat medium before and after the jacket tube. Because of the decreasing relationship between melt viscosity and shear rate, the extrusion of the gear and the shear of the bearing will cause the melt temperature to increase by 3-5 degrees Celsius after passing the pump. Reducing the heat medium temperature will prevent melt degradation. The data shows that by reducing the temperature of the bearing area, the bearing capacity of the bearing can be greatly increased. It is not necessary to replace the big Rongtong pump, and the output capacity of the gear pump can be increased by 50% only by increasing the rotation speed.

6, speed must be slow, do not make the pressure rise sharply before and after, so as not to damage the bearing or make the melt block the lubrication channel; melt pump behind the pump outlet to periodically switch the melt filter, do not long-term commercial pressure and even the pressure limit Operation; 7. In the event of a power outage or disruption of the circulation of the heat medium for more than 30 minutes, the pump should be disassembled and cleaned and reassembled to avoid damage to the pump caused by melt lubrication and cracking of the bearing.

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