melt metering pump plastic processing

In the process of plastic processing, especially in the processing of sheet and film, many enterprises have a kind of illusion that the melt metering pump can not be available on the extrusion line. For this understanding, Luo Shengfei, general manager of batte Technology Co., Ltd., thinks that there is an error, because the installation of the melt metering pump in the extrusion line can bring the following advantages to the customers: to improve the dimensional stability, to increase the output of extrusion, to save energy and to reduce the consumption of raw materials. With the improvement of the overall technical level of the plastic processing industry and the rise in the price of international plastic raw materials, people pay more attention to the details of the processing of plastic and rubber. Fierce competition requires continuous improvement of product quality and reduction of product cost. For this reason, melt gear pump will be widely applied in various extrusion processes.

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