Cleaning of melt metering pump

At the time, the polyester manufacturers both at home and abroad can not leave the equipment maintenance and maintenance as well as the quality of the products produced by themselves. At this time, some measures must be taken to complete the work that must be done, and some technical techniques and related spare parts and so on. It has a place in the polyester industry. For example, with the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of polyester factories, it is necessary to design the ideal machine equipment and tools as well as the cleaning and maintenance process.

The melt pump, the spinning pump component and the metering pump are blocked by dirty objects after using a certain time. The pressure of the spinning component and the pressure difference of the import and export melt filter are rising, so it is necessary to switch cleaning to reuse it. The cleaning is mainly used in physical and chemical methods to calcinate and dissolve the adhesive polyester at high temperature. Removal by oxidation or hydrolysis, followed by washing, alkali (acid) washing and ultrasonic cleaning.

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